Professional Details

Dr. Annemie Peché (BA Hons, MA, D Litt et Phil).

Dr. Annemie Peché is a qualified clinical psychologist, and has been in practice since 1982. Since 1993 she has been operating as an EEG technician and Polysomnographist. She practices in both Vereeniging and Constantia Kloof.

Description of Dr. Peché’s professional service offerings:

Clinical psychologist: Practises general psychology, including submission of medico legal reports.

EEG Technician: Performs EEG recordings on patients who show symptoms of epilepsy and related symptoms such as headaches, hallucinations, olfactory hallucinations, premonitions, uncontrolled aggression, nausea, experience of dejavu or jamaivu, dizziness, vomiting, learning disabilities, aphasias and automatisms.

Polysomnographist: Performs procedures called polysomnograms and titrations to examine a patient that suffers from symptoms indicative of sleep apnoea.

Member of Neurotherapy Association of Africa.