Individual psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, children, the    elderly in the treatment of emotional instability, depression, PTSD, panic disorder, sleep disturbances, behavioural difficulties, Bipolar Disorder, Coping difficulties, divorce, obsessive-compulsiveness, parenting, retrenchment, stress, substance use, trauma, personality disorders, mood disorders

Psychotherapy is available online or at the practice where      required rules in terms of personal distancing and disinfection are followed

Neurofeedback therapy                       

Neurotherapy is performed in conjunction with educational    psychology, occupational therapy and psychotherapy in the treatment of the aforementioned disorders.



  In matters where litigation is not preferred in divorce matters, placement of children, visitation, medical negligence, personal injury

Psychometric assessments               

  A wide range of personality tests, medico-legal assessments in terms of medical negligence, and placement of children or visitation rights are performed, including Wechsler IQ tests and assessment of ADHD ADD.

Quantitative and routine EEG s          

Routine EEG recordings to assess epilepsy, phenotypes of various brain disorders are performed. The quantitative EEG is based on the routine EEG accentuates information that cannot be seen with the naked eye on the routine EEG regarding brain functioning and cognition.