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Dr. Annemie Peché

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New service rendered at the practice

Pain treatment and Vagal Nerve Stimulation (Refer to Resources)

IBBA (Integrative Brain-Based Approach)

 Professional Details

Dr. Annemie Peché (BA Hons, MA, D Litt et Phil).

Services available Dr. Peché’s practice:

1. Neuro-and Clinical- Psychologist MA. D Litt et Phil registered with the HPCSA PS 012149

2. New service rendered at the practice: 

i) Pain treatment and Vagal Nerve Stimulation (Refer to Resources)

ii) IBBA (Integrative Brain-Based Approach)

3. Medicolegal expert registered with SAMLA (S A Medicolegal Association)

4. Mediator registered with Mediation in Motion (MiM), SAMLA and Social Justice

5. EEG and Sleep Technician registered at the HPCSA EE 01406

6. Neurofeedback therapist registered with BCIA #5513 Biofeedback Certification

7. Clinical Psychological treatment:

(i) Treatment of depression and anxiety in children and adults, Covid 19 related deficit functioning, trauma, panic, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder;

(ii) Evaluation and psychometric testing of ADHD/ADD and learning disabilities, emotional deficit functioning, brain damage and other neuro-cognitive conditions;

(iii) Medicolegal assessment of TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) after trauma or motor vehicle accidents ;

(iv) Medicolegal assessment in medical negligence;

(v)  Brain Working Recurrence Therapy (BWRT); and

(vi) Brainspotting (BSP).


Dr. A. Peché (BA Hons, MA, D Litt et Phil).

Understanding NFT

According to Tom Collura from Brain Master “Neurofeedback embodies a process of neuronal self-regulation and re-education, leading the brain to find new and beneficial states and ways of processing new information and feeling” and meets the criteria specified by the American Psychological Association to be classified as an evidence-based intervention.


Turning a radio station to the correct frequency is a good anology for ISF training which focuses on finding the optimal frequency for each patient to ensure optimal functioning



Pulsed Radio Frequency Pain Treatment

Fatigue? Pain? Despondent? Do you suffer from chronic or acute pain? Pulsed Radio Frequency (PRF) pain treatment has proven to be successful in treating various pain conditions. It utilizes oscillating pulses in the radiofrequency spectrum, which is a safe and...


Part I: the Ventral Vagal StateThe 3 general polyvagal states include a state of safety, activation, and collapse: A state of safety, when the individual feels safe, calm, at ease, connected, socially engaged, and empowered, called the Ventral Vagal activation state;...


PART II: The Sympathetic State Our next discussion, Part II includes the discussion of the Sympathetic Vagal NS The sympathetic activation state: The amygdala is constantly alert to threats and sends an alarm that increases heart rate, blood pressure temperature,...

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